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The Mystical Ninja
R0GUEL3ADER269 post new reply
The Mystical Ninja  Posted on 3/27/2004
Alright people, seriously, I've been looking for a ROM of The Mystical Ninja Starring Geomon for the past... week and a half. and i can't find it anywhere!!! i always get a bunch of crappy sites that you can't get it from cuz the damn system is down, or just a bunch of vote whores and in the end there are really no N64 ROMs on that site to begin with. so people, if you could be so kind, PLEASE get me a link to that game!! oh and if at all possible, i would also really like the second mystical ninja for N64.. geomon's great adventure or w/e.. i never got to play that one.. and so ya know i already have the legend of the mystical ninja for SNES. THANK ALL YOU PEOPLE IN ADVENCE
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