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LinkTheChosen email to autor  post new reply
Doom 2  Posted on 3/29/2004
Hi to all who are reading...

   I'm new here, and I truly enjoy the site (yes, I do vote).
I was wondering if by chance anybody would happen to know where I could find a game called "Doom 2" for the Super Nintendo.

   I've read so many reviews on it and have played Doom 1, so I'd enjoy having the second one.  I might not appear to but I am very excited and I'm trying to keep as civil as possible.  If my E-mail address doesn't show up for any reason, here it is - .

   So please, if you have it, either E-mail me, post here, or upload the ROM to this site as a favor.  I pledge full gratitude to whoever does so, thank you.

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 Doom 2
Posted By LinkTheChosen on 3/29/2004
 Also note!
Posted By LinkTheChosen on 3/31/2004
 Sorry again
Posted By LinkTheChosen on 3/31/2004
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